Pročitaj pesmu na srpskom!

We once dwelled in a cerulean abode,

down a blind alley,

amidst our nearsighted life.

In goodnight tales

you would describe distant lands,

yet lock the door twice. 

Under the roof so blue,

everyone would at least once

awake akin to a tree. 

With thickened legs,

veins like roots

that burst through the heels,

and crawl into the soil. 

Only I did jump

off the family tree

and fleed, with wood chips in my shoes.

When I long for your presence,

I gaze out the window

to witness the wind coaxing laughter from the trees.

Prevod / Translation: Marko Milanović

Marko Djordjevic / Belgrade

He was born on February 5, 1987, in Kruševac. He completed his undergraduate and master’s studies at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, at the Department of Serbian Literature and Language with Comparative Literature. He is currently working on his doctoral dissertation at the same faculty.

He made his debut in the literary scene in 2016 with the lyrical novel “Nije to ništa” (It’s Nothing), and in 2022, as part of The Rašić Literary Workshop, he published his first poetry collection titled “Psi koji trče unazad” (Dogs Who Run Backwards).

As an author, he is featured in numerous poetry anthologies, magazines, and poetry portals. His poetry has been translated into English, French, and Macedonian.

All images and materials are copyright protected and are the property of Mr. Marko Đorđević and

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